September Update

Unity China Awards
November update

Hello Everyone.

I hope that you all had a very nice summer.

Everything is going pretty well with Gate of Memories development, and we hope to have wonderful news for everyone very soon. Meanwhile, this update will show you some glimpses of how the game is evolving.

Cutscenes Style

Some people have asked us why we choose our current cutscenes style instead of going for a more traditional approach. Of course, we totally agree that full animated cutscenes would be nicer, but with our limited team, we prefer to focus all out resources in making the gameplay better and the world richer. After all, everything is a question of priorities. The thing is that, even with our obvious restrictions, we really like how everything is looking. It is a very nice way of telling the story and show how the characters interact which what is happening.

Here you can see a new cutscene sample.

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