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Hello everyone

In first place, I want to apologize for our lack of update the past month. I guess the only justification I can give is that, being such small team and with an immense amount of things to do, sometimes you never find time to stop for a while. Whenever I say something like “at the end of this stage or when I finish this creature I will write an update to show how good it looks” I discover that when I have just ended what I was doing… three new things that require attention to advance the whole project have emerged.

Thus, the days turn into weeks and when you least expect it has been over a month and I haven’t written anything yet.

With every update I always say “this won’t happen again!” and then… here I am, writing this almost a month late.

I am really sorry.

But well… so many hours of dedication have their reward. Right now we are about to enter the final stage of the development of Gate of Memories, and we hope to reach beta phase in a couple of months. We still have plenty of work ahead, but we’re reaching the finals. The truth is that we are giving everything we can, so I hope that the wait will be worth of it.

At this point, is difficult to show new things without doing spoilers of the game, but we hope that you will enjoy the ones we have prepared for you.

Madrid Games Week

First of all, we wanted to mention that last month we were lucky to be invited by Microsoft to show the XBoxOne version of Gate of Memories in Madrid Games Week. It was an amazing experience potenzmittel im vergleich cialis bestellen. People who played it were very satisfied and the truth is that we received a very positive feedback. To all those of you who came to test it, thanks you for your visit.

Romeo Exxet

Second, we want to show the look of one of the most important characters in the game, Romeo Exxet, Lord High Inquisitor and one of the leaders of Nathaniel. The truth is that we were worried to know if we would be able to bring him well in the game, but in the end we are quite satisfied with the result. What do you think?