Gate of Memories


Anima Gate of Memories is a third person action RPG. The game is mostly focused on combat and exploration, but it will also have a huge roleplaying elements. While it is story driven, it doesn’t force you to ride along rails to complete it. The game gives players freedom to explore a rich world and tackle only the obstacles that they want. This way, each player can visit many diverse places and reach very different endings depending on their choices.

Anima Gate of Memories is being developed on Windows, Mac, and Linux, but there are also plans for next-gen console releases. The game will be Publisher by BadlandIndie.


A quick overview of the features

  • A deep and multifaceted story. The player’s choices and actions will influence the journey and decide the destiny of the characters.
  • Epic battles with formidable opponents. Challenge many legendary entities, each with their own special features and game play.
  • A combat system which combines RPG elements with fast paced action and spectacular attacks and spells.
  • Gorgeous graphics and animations. Travel through the tower of Arcane and the world of Gaia across stunning backgrounds and places.
  • About Anima Project

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    Anima Project is an indie studio formed by just 3 people who have dedicated their lives to games. After ten years working on the acclaimed Anima Beyond Fantasy RPG book series, they have decided to go further using their experience to create videogames.



    Gate of Memories gameplay is one of its most attractive points. The basis of the game is a third-person Action RPG where you control two different characters. Each one has at its disposal a number of basic skills such as attacks or dodges, to which they add a large set of special skills that you will be able to develop and customize as in a traditional RPG.

    Open World

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    Gate of Memories offers an open world. While it might not be considered a sandbox, the truth is that you can move with great freedom for its scenery, visiting different locations and allowing you to always retrace your steps to revisit areas, discover new secrets and unlock access to previously inaccessible places.

    Customizing Skills

    One of the elements that make special Gate of Memories is that you can freely alter the allocation of your special abilities depending on what your character is doing in order to create your own combinations of techniques. Each action can be assigned up to four skills in different buttons, so that the same button can be used to activate diverse powers. For example, you could establish a single button to launch an offensive spell, a support arcane or a Ki technique depending on whether you are attacking, moving or jumping.

    This system not only gives you great freedom to do whatever you want with your characters, but is also extremely intuitive to create any kind of combinations.

    Dual Characters


    In Gate of Memories we control two different characters, Ergo and The Bearer, and we can exchange from one to another thanks to the special synergy they have. What makes this system truly fun is that both are not “physically” present at once, but we can invoke the other even in the middle of an action, continuing the movement with a completely different skill.

    For example, while The Bearer is carrying an offensive combo we can invoke Ergo to perform an attack that launches the enemy into the air, only to switch back immediately to The Bearer and continue the air combo. Naturally, there are vast possibilities.



    Gate of Memories is set in Gaia, an anachronistic setting which combines medieval fantasy with magic-based technology. While a great part of the game will take place in a mysterious tower called Arcane, the player will be able to move to different areas through the memories of the tower inhabitants.

    Arcane is an extremely unusual place. Not only does it have a huge labyrinthine structure, but it will also alter its appearance according to the past of its inhabitants. For unknown reasons the tower has also attracted powerful entities known as The Messengers, adapting its interior in a “dreamlike” way to reflect the lives of these creatures. Thus, the set of the game is not just made up of ruins and tower interiors, but of elements as diverse as cities or old battlegrounds. Of course, not every area is totally independent. At the points where the lives of The Messengers cross, the rooms blend into each other connecting the different dreamscapes together.



    The story of Anima Gate of Memories is one of the most absorbing parts of the project. The game is focused on The Bearer and Ergo, agents of an ancient society called Nathaniel which for centuries has protected mankind from the darkness. At the beginning of the story both receive the order to recover an old artifact called The Byblos that has been stolen by a renegade of the order. After a long pursuit, crossing areas ravaged by war, they are able to corner the fugitive in the middle of an ancient construction. However, suddenly the whole area is swallowed by light.

    Soon our protagonists awake inside a strange structure where they are no longer alone; strange beings are also summoned there. Soon, both will discover that something darker than they could imagine is about to start, a war in the shadows in which they will have a leading role.

    Main Characters

    The Bearer

    The Bearer is one of two main characters of the game and one of the cornerstones of the story. She is a twenty-year-old girl who works in secret for a holy society called Nathaniel as a hunter of nightmares. A decade ago she awakened the entity Ergo Mundus making a pact with him. This unusual act allowed her to partially control the creature as well as share some of his powers.

    Oddly she has no name, since as part of her pact with Ergo, the demon “ate it”. Nobody can remember what she was called before, so the other characters refer to her as “The Bearer of Calamities”, the given name of anyone who holds Ergo Mundus.

    At the beginning of the game her background is not known, but as the story goes on and the characters travel deeper into Arcane, various fragments of her past, as well as the moment when she signed her pact with Ergo will be displayed.

    Of the two main characters, The Bearer carries the greatest emotional charge. Her personality is serious and melancholic. She hates the supernatural, believing that it is what destroyed her family and her chance to have a normal life. Above all she loathes herself and her past, considering that she was the one to blame for her family destiny. However, despite her tough facade, she is still a young woman who dreams about the same things that any other girl of her age would.

    The Bearer of Calamities uses the pages of Ergo as weapons. She is not only trained to be an incredible fighter by her own right, but she can use the book to attack or form anything she imagines to destroy her enemies or defend herself.

    Ergo Mundus

    Ergo Mundus is the companion of The Bearer, as well as the character who takes the male protagonist role in the game. He is an enigmatic immortal creature (Nathaniel calls him a demon, but the truth is that nobody knows for sure what he really is) who, centuries ago, triggered a conflict that almost plunged the world into a state of chaos. After being stopped through the combined efforts of Nathaniel and other powers in the world, Ergo’s physical body was so shattered that, to avoid his destruction, he was forced to hide his soul in a book. Since then he has been under the close supervision of Nathaniel, which agreed to allow Ergo to exist in that form in return for his help destroying other creatures like himself. However, to do so one condition is necessary; someone must sign a pact with him, a contract that allows that individual to control the demon’s powers and, on unusual occasions, re-create a temporal body for him.

    Ergo’s personality is very charming in his own particular way. He is an egocentric foulmouthed character who craves attention. He loves making cynical comments only to disturb The Bearer, and he is always reminiscing about the past atrocities he committed. However, the truth is that he is not as terrifying as he pretends to be, nor has he perpetrated such horrible acts. In fact, Ergo doesn’t remember anything about his past before being sealed in the book, although he has never confessed it to anyone.

    Of course Ergo’s background hides much more. His true identity, as well as the real reason why he has been bound in the book for centuries, will be essential to the story.

    Ergo’s fighting style is very violent, but with his own stylistic look. He attacks by creating cuts in mid-air (which is visually represented as “energy claws”) and summoning monsters that emerge from his body or directly from the ground.

    What is Anima Beyond Fantasy?

    Created by a collaboration of occidental and Asians authors, Anima Beyond Fantasy is a license recognized for its role-playing books, miniature wargame and card games. Anima products have been translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian and German, and are available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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