Creatures Samples Part 2

Combo System, Arcane Bridges and Second Skin Pack Sample

Today we want to show you a new glimpse of the strange creatures that you will find across Arcane. One of the most interesting elements of those “shadows of the tower” is that there are various different types of entities even in the same class. That means, for example, that not all Procasians are the same, and there are different variations in form, size, power and attack patterns. That way, every enemy has something special, which makes the gamepaly even more interesting.




Procasians have always been there, since the old times when the Great Beasts mingled their blood with mortals and created their own unique brood. That was the birth of titanic creatures whose strength and physical resistance made them on par with dragons and other incredible monstrosities.

In combat, a Procasian is something to fear, since their scale armors allow them to resist any kind of attack, even those of supernatural origin, and their power is huge. Also, the ones with purest blood have also other unique unpredictable skills, which make them even more dangerous.

Solomon Drones




Drones are the most basic creations from the Lost Logia technology of Solomon, the old civilization that ruled the world in the past. Made for war, even these lesser creations have a considerable power, and even one of them is able to destroy a whole human battalion if it has the support of a commander unit nearby.