December update

A few words Hi everyone. First of all, we want to apologize again for our delay. We know that it has taken us longer than we […]

November update

Hello everyone In first place, I want to apologize for our lack of update the past month. I guess the only justification I can give is […]

September Update

Hello Everyone. I hope that you all had a very nice summer. Everything is going pretty well with Gate of Memories development, and we hope to […]

Unity China Awards

Hello everyone! We want to announce that we have won the Unity China Awards in the category of Best Indie Game preis cialis. Not bad for […]

July Update 2

Here we want to show you a glimpse of Anima Gate of Memories music, composed by Damian Sanchez, from Sonotrigger, who will be on charge of […]

July Update

Ergo Dark Form Some people have asked us how is Ego original form from The Book Unleashed. Here you can see some of the diferent variations […]

The Campaign is Over

Well… We are funded. This means a lot for us. Because, thanks to you, we can do things with Gate of Memories that were impossible for […]

Combo System, Arcane Bridges and Second Skin Pack Sample

Combo System Today we want to show you a small glimpse of the combo system of Gate of Memories. In the next samples, you can see […]

Creatures Samples Part 2

Today we want to show you a new glimpse of the strange creatures that you will find across Arcane. One of the most interesting elements of […]