Anima Tactics - European Championships 2017 ?

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Anima Tactics - European Championships 2017 ?

Postby Oneig Atyff » 17 Feb 2017 13:37

Hello Everybody,

Did you know ?
Since several years there is an European tournament of Anima Tactics who took place at the end of the year (usually around october)

It's originally take place in German but this year we want to organise it ourself in Liège/Luik Belgium probably in mid November. (It's not confirm yet)

We have several questions, first of all to all of you players, are in interesting to come playing in this championship this year ?

Second to Anima Studio, We heard that you have plan for the return of Anima Tactics this year (at least a announcement)
As you know It's now very difficult to buy any minis of Anima Tactics now (and some figure are basically nowhere to be found. (I'm thinking of Anaximenes, Sarsha, Nimrod, October and September)
So we wanna know if you could support us and help us with some prizing ? (Even Anima related prizing would be great not only Anima Tactics (but Anima Tactics would be better)
If we can have an English copy of the rulebook (even in pdf, because last time we found some contradictions between French and Geman rulebook so we prefer using the English Rules as reference because it is the common language of all)

So we're waiting for your answers all.
The Belgium Community of Anima Tactics. :)
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