Development Update

02/10/2013 – 15:44

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since the last time we did an update, but the previous month was a very busy time for us, working hard on the development of Gate of Memories. We are glad to say that currently the game is more or less 50% through its full development, and we are about to release its first gameplay trailer very soon. It is almost ready, but we want to be absolutely sure that you will love what you see.

The wallpapers are ready!

In a few days, we will send you the wallpapers to your email. If you have recently changed it, please, send us a mail to with your previous mail, your backer name, and the new mail that we need to use now.

New Scenery 

In the next screenshots you can see a few of the new locations that you will visit through Arcane. They are part of the memories of the inhabitants of the tower, a fragment of their past lives which became the most important places for them. In them you can see a glimpse of The Forgotten Temple, The Endless Plains of The Wake, The Peak of The World and The Labyrinth, four of the places that you will need to surpass to reach the Messengers.

And as always…Thanks for you support. You made possible that, day by day, we get nearer to making Gate of Memories a reality.

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