The Campaign is Over

Well… We are funded.

This means a lot for us. Because, thanks to you, we can do things with Gate of Memories that were impossible for us before.

Now, looking back at things, this campaign was again an incredible journey. As in the first one, there were wonderful times. But we are finally here; about to enter the last development stage of Gate of Memories.

You believed in a small development team like us, and I assure you that we are going to go on giving our best day by day, to make a game that all of you will enjoy.

So again, let me thank you for your support.

You are wonderful.

Combo System, Arcane Bridges and Second Skin Pack Sample

Combo System

Today we want to show you a small glimpse of the combo system of Gate of Memories. In the next samples, you can see some different combinations of both characters, and also combos changing from one to another in the middle of the attack.  

Second Gameplay Sample: Arcane Bridges.

We want to show you an advanced gameplay trailer too. In the next video you can see part of the Arcane Bridges area.

Skin Pack Second Sample: The White Lady.

Another glimpse of the different looks of The Bearer. This time, here is a sample of The White Lady, the official uniform of the members of Nathaniel. It will be included along other cool skins in the Skin Pack.

We hope that you really like it.


Creatures Samples Part 2

Today we want to show you a new glimpse of the strange creatures that you will find across Arcane. One of the most interesting elements of those “shadows of the tower” is that there are various different types of entities even in the same class. That means, for example, that not all Procasians are the same, and there are different variations in form, size, power and attack patterns. That way, every enemy has something special, which makes the gamepaly even more interesting.



Procasians have always been there, since the old times when the Great Beasts mingled their blood with mortals and created their own unique brood. That was the birth of titanic creatures whose strength and physical resistance made them on par with dragons and other incredible monstrosities.

In combat, a Procasian is something to fear, since their scale armors allow them to resist any kind of attack, even those of supernatural origin, and their power is huge. Also, the ones with purest blood have also other unique unpredictable skills, which make them even more dangerous.

Solomon Drones


Drones are the most basic creations from the Lost Logia technology of Solomon, the old civilization that ruled the world in the past. Made for war, even these lesser creations have a considerable power, and even one of them is able to destroy a whole human battalion if it has the support of a commander unit nearby.

Additional Game Mechanics and Skin Sample

Damage Type

All the damage in Gate of Memories is divided in two different types; Physical and Magical. All the attacks in the game always use one of those two attributes to calculate the damage that they cause. Of course, that means that certain enemies are more vulnerable to some type of damage, and especially resistant to others. In the same way, both Ergo and The Bearer, thought their own skills or assimilating armors, can raise their magic and physical resistance to reduce the damage that they take from such attacks.


In Gate of Memories the items and artifacts use an interesting mix of a traditional mechanics, commonly employed in classical RPGs, with other more innovative systems.

The items are primarily divided into artifacts of automatic use (that are consumed after their activation) and those which can be equipped. Those which are part of this second class can be either weapons (each of which has their own unique attributes), or mystical artifacts that the characters can use to obtain different bonuses and exclusive powers (modifiers to experience, special resistance against negative states…).

How do you get the items?

The items are obtained in very different ways. Some of them can be found scattered around the rooms of Arcane, others can be drops that certain enemies may leave behind when they are destroyed, and some can be obtained from inhabitants of Arcane exchanging them with others of the same existential value.

Absorption & Spiritual Assimilation

A very characteristic detail of Gate of Memories is that all items, both those with automatic use as well as the ones that can be equipped, are absorbed by the book in which Ergo is sealed. In doing so, they become “information” in its pages, a kind of soul form that the book can take advantage of using a process known as “spiritual assimilation.” Anything that Ergo absorbs becomes part of our repertoire of weapons and artifacts, raising the basic attributes of the characters.

Skins Pack

Today we want to show you a sample of one of the skins included in the Skin Pack Add-on. This is the Inquisitor gear of The Bearer, which will be included along other cool skins like The White Lady or The Hollow Bearer.


We hope that you really like it.

Creatures Samples Part 1

Today we want to talk you about some of the creatures that you are a going to face in Gate of Memories. They are the shadows of the tower, entities born from the memories of the creatures that inhabit Arcane. They are at the same time real and fantasy, part dream and at the same time, able to interact with the world around them.

All the shadows are also highly protective of their “creators”; even if they don’t serve them, they are the beings that allow them to exist, and therefore will try to stop anyone “real” the meet them.

Marionette of Memories



These creatures swarm the tower aimlessly, becoming recurrent fearsome enemies. They are empty armours filled with the energies of Arcane. However, their most dangerous ability is to merge with the memories of the real residents of Arcane, becoming creatures and monstrosities of their past life. That way, they can adopt different combat styles, from masterful skilled knights to great archmages.





The Al-Djinn, or Grand Masters, are the highest-ranking Djinn, surpassed only by the four Lords of the Elements. According to the legends, these immortal spirits dared to alter the course of destiny and were punished for their acts. Because of this boldness, they were eventually bound to the world, to absolute rules that they could never disobey. As a result of their immortality and boundless intelligence, the Al-Djinn are mages of unparalleled power who have mastered the Paths of Creation and Illusion. In game they float away from you trying to cast powerful spells creating monsters and distorting your perception of the surroundings.

Nexus Guardian (Created by Ian P.)




The Nexus Guardians are powerful beings born from them most dual energy sources of the creation. They are angelic beings made half of light and swirling souls, and half of fire and darkness. Their real origin is a mystery, but they act like a supernatural protection system made by the existence to protect the most important places of the world. Gamewise, they are almost an unstoppable force, since they only became vulnerable after spending high amounts of energy, and you must find the appropriate moment to attack them.

Gameplay Video

Hello everyone. We are eager to show you the first gameplay sample of Anima Gate of Memories. In the next video you can see its first minutes, as well as little glimpses of its story. Kept in mind that that what we are showing you is still in development stage, and there are things that will be added (like voices, new music, improvement sounds and effects) once this campaign is over.

We hope that you like it!


Fragments of Memories

One of the most interesting elements from Gate of Memories is its deep storyline. Today, we want to share with you a little part of it; The Fragments of Memories. In the game, the players will find remains created from the memories of The Messengers, vestiges that Ergo absorbs to discover their lives. When he does, new pages appear in its Book, and The Bearer is able to read them as if they were fragments of novels. The next are the three first fragments from the story of one of The Messengers; Nascal Mehirim.

1º Memory


They say that one in every thousand people is special and one in every million, an unparalleled genius. Nascal Mehirim is one in a billion.

Since childhood he showed an inordinate talent to create, a skill that surpassed even the greatest masters of the world. With such gift there was never any doubt that, if he wanted, he could have become anything that he desired.

But Nascal did not care for such things, since his only passion were the marionettes. When he was a little kid his parents took him to a theatre where, for the first time, he saw what would become his obsession. These simple figures of wood and metal, artificial beings posing as people, fascinated the kid in an incomprehensible way. And it was then, at such early age, when he decided to devote his life to them.

Year after year Nascal learned everything about their construction and handling, developing unique methods to give them more realism and mobility. With time his works became incomparable, so perfect that it was difficult to distinguish them from real living beings. His marionettes were valued as masterworks and appreciated everywhere.

And only now, just turned twenty-five, Nascal is really pleased; when everybody recognizes that he is the greatest artist in the world.

2º Memory


Nascal entered the hall where the Council of Brax was taking place. The greatest artists and creators of the world met once every decade under those walls; different civilizations, even “nonhuman” creatures went there to show the wonders they had created over the years. Naturally only the very best could attend, those whose fame had crossed all frontiers. For many of them the simple fact of having been invited represented an honour, but to Nascal it was quite the opposite. They should feel honoured by his attendance.

The puppet master walked thought the room trying to pass unnoticed. He paid little attention to several uninspired works that only reminded him why he was superior to everyone else.

Nascal smiled ruefully. Although he did not expect too much from others, he had wished to find at least something to rival with his talent.

Lost in these thoughts, a distant word caught his attention. Someone had mentioned Gaudemus, “The Creator of Wonders”, whose fame had reached even Nascal’s ears. Apparently he had also been invited and a group of people were talking to him not too far away. Interested by his fame, Nascal approached him to share some anecdotes with a fellow “genius”. To his surprise, the legendary creator was much younger than he had expected and was easy to shake his hand and exchange a polite greeting.

Nascal was about to ask about the works that he was exposing in the Council when the whole room became silent; everyone whispered that Gaudemus had just arrived. At that moment the confused Nascal understood what they meant and a chill of terror ran through his spine. The person he was talking with was not a living being, but a doll.

“Work of Gaudemus” was what he had heard before from the people.

Even if it was only for a moment, the mere idea that he had not noticed such thing overwhelmed the mind of the puppet master. Frantically his eyes began to gaze closely at all the works exposed by Gaudemus. Their mere sight burned his retinas but at the same time, he was unable to look away from them. The feeling of anxiety that oppressed his chest grew until it became pain. He even had trouble breathing in the same room which stored such wonders. Unable to wait any more, he staggered out of the room and did not stop running until he was outside. Then Nascal cried and laughed as hard as he could.

He had been blind all the time. In his egotism, he thought that he was on top of the world when he was only standing on a small hill. Only in that moment he realized that his work was far from having reached its full potential.

That night would change his life completely. He would create greater works. He would surpass Gaudemus. Surpass them all.

From that moment, his obsession would be perfection.


3º Memory


Nascal suddenly awoke. For months he had been unable to sleep well and that night had been particularly bad, something which he blamed to the emotion of being so close to finishing his work. Washing his face he noticed the terrible way he looked in the mirror, and thought that very soon he would have to be ready to return to society.

Nascal was unsure of how much time had passed since he visited the Council of Brax. After that night, he invested his vast fortune in creating a secluded mansion away from the civilized world, a huge and well-equipped workshop in which he could devote body and soul to his work, free from distractions.

It had been years, or maybe even decades, since the last time he had contact with another human being. But loneliness meant little to him. All that mattered was that he was close to reach his goal.

During the previous years just improving his creative talent has not been enough for Nascal; his goal was way higher. He devoted day after day to research the same process that Gaudemus developed to make his works, becoming an unrivalled expert in lost science and supernatural rituals. With such unusual tools, he managed to create countless animated puppets which were able to move by themselves; the very ones that now protected his mansion and took care of its maintenance.

But they all were just prototypes for his definitive work. The ultimate puppet, an artificial being so perfect that would not be aware that it was not “alive”.

Solemnly Nascal went down to the heart of his workshop where his most valued masterpiece waited for him. On the table was a body lying; any observer would think without a doubt that it was a true human being. It had the same appearance as its creator, as identical as two drops of water.

The master puppeteer smiled. In the next encounter with Gaudemus it would be his marionette who would greet him, an ironic joke that only he would be able to understand.

After reviewing for hours the status of the project, Nascal determined that it was a matter of days to finish it. Only a few pieces were missing, which should be stored in his secondary workshop.

With unusual anxiety he walked to the north wing in search of them. It had been a long time since he had last visited that area of the mansion, and he was not even really sure why he stopped going there.

Upon entering the room the master puppeteer was struck by the terrible state of the place. He didn’t remember having forsaken the place for so long. Without giving it too much importance, Nascal walked to where the pieces were stored, but he saw something in his way there that puzzled him.

There, sitting in the workshop, was a corpse holding the parts that Nascal had come for. His flesh, rotted and dried, was in pretty bad shape, suggesting that it had been in that place for a long time.

Surprised Nascal approached to examine the body, but before he could do it the puppet master became completely paralyzed with terror.

Because, despite being worn and wasted, there was no doubt.

The corpse had exactly the same face as him.

Ki and Magic

In Gate of Memories each of the characters has two different supernatural abilities; Ki and Magic.

The Ki represents the power of the spiritual energy that enters into communion with the body. It is mainly used to perform impossible physical actions, such as moving in an inhumane way or perform unique attacks that are called Ki techniques. Usually characters use Ki to perform combat actions, such as throwing enemies into the air or charge against them at high speed.

On the other hand, Magic represents the control of the arcane forces of the creation, an ancient power that shapes all existence. This energy is used to recreate reality through strange formulas known as spells and rituals. Using magic, the characters are able to unleash energy beams, destroy everything around them or invoke its power to cast support enchantments.

gui definition

Whenever the characters make use of a special skill they consume part of their energy resources and require some time to recover it. Naturally, if you continually activate supernatural abilities, they will drain your reserves and you will have to wait a while to recover. So you have to measure out the use of these powers, alternating continually between Magic and Ki to improve their effectiveness.

Of course, either when you level up or through the use of unique artefacts, you can increase the maximum Ki and Magic output of the characters, as well as improve their recovery rate. Of course, if you want you can enhance just the one you prefer with each character, customizing your skills even further.

The Order of Nathaniel

Nathaniel, the order bearing the name of one of the Enlightened, is the most hermetic society of the world. It is linked to the Church of Abel, but it has existed even from older times with different names. The organization specializes in investigating and analyzing strange events to find out the truth behind them, but it covers a great variety of other functions, like espionage or forcing some events in Gaïa. However, its ultimate goal is preventing the destruction of the world, and for that reason in the past they have fought many dangers that threaten it.
Its members either possess supernatural abilities or are talented occult researchers. They compile all kinds of information about the cases they are involved with, as well as any other additional revelation they can find. Due to this, the records of Nathaniel had no rival; they have been collecting data about all the secrets in the shadows of Gaïa for five centuries.

The order acts as an independent clandestine society within the Church and is only linked to the High Archbishop. Nevertheless, in practice their services may be requested by many different individuals, as long as they keep the required protocol and secrecy. Kings, Bishops, and even the Emperor may call for Nathaniel intervention to investigate supernatural cases or signs. The order frequently collaborates with the Inquisition, although the methods of both organizations tend to collide.

Nathaniel is led by a secret council in the shadows, and the only known members are the Supreme Inquisitor Romeo Exxet and lady Elienai.

Many Nathaniel agents are mystics or exceptional fighters, but not all possess combat abilities. So, for when they need tactical support, the organization has a small division named “Custodium” in charge of protecting and helping its members; each of those guardians has a combat potential equal to an army battalion. Sometimes, the agents even use the same dark powers that they fight.

Nathaniel keeps many secrets and dangerous artefacts hidden, like the book in which Ergo is sealed or the Byblos, a group of prophecies which describe how 21 creatures called The Messengers could cause the end of the world. It is precisely the robbery of the Byblos by a renegade agent that is the event which triggers the beginning of the game, when The Bearer is chosen by Nathaniel to recover it at any cost.

Romeo Exxet


The Supreme Inquisitor Romeo Exxet is the head of the Inquisition and the direct supervisor of the Order of Nathaniel. His name is pronounced only in whispers with a mixture of fear and unconditional devotion. In the eyes of the world he is a holy man, endowed with divine powers as none have seen in ages, a being whose destiny is nothing less that to save Gaïa from doom. Born under the prophecy that he would be a savior, his personal background has always been surrounded by mystery. Unlike the rest of the Inquisitors, Romeo was raised in a monastery on a tiny island. There, the best instructors were devoted entirely to him, cultivating his mind and body for the sole purpose of creating the ultimate Inquisitor. At only fifteen years of age his skills were far beyond his masters, and years later it was impossible to deny that there was anyone more qualified than he to be the Supreme Inquisitor.

Throughout the game, Romeo’s relationship with The Bearer is one of mentor and commander. He will be the main contact of the characters with the world, giving them orders and explaining what is happening in Gaïa, but he will also take an active role in the story depending on their actions.


Elienai, considered the greatest saint in history, is a strange woman who will help Ergo and The Bearer against The Messengers throughout the game. For centuries she has been the secret coordinator of the council of cardinals, and some people believe that she leads Nathaniel from the shadows. The truth is that Elienai is little more than a spiritual projection created by her willpower. In ancient times she was fatally wounded by one of the Messengers when she tried to avoid the incarnation of the entity in Gaia. Since then Elienai’s body has been in suspended animation, fighting an eternal struggle against her injuries with the most advanced technomagical equipment. Time has frozen for her; she remains as beautiful as when she was just over twenty-eight years.

Her sister Harael created the Byblos, the book of omens that The Bearer is trying to recover as well as the one who announced the arrival of The Messengers.

Elienai is also primarily responsible for sealing Ergo inside the book, something he both hates and admires her for.

Elienai lacks physical form, and therefore she is the only one that can go inside of Arcane, although the ruins´ power prevents her from acting freely. Her main task will be to provide information to The Bearer about their enemies, since she know them better than anyone.

Red Lady


Very little is know of the true origins of the high sorcerer known only as The Red Lady, other than for more than twenty years was the most efficient agent of Nathaniel. A cold and ironic sense of humour, her supernatural knowledge was unmatched in the Order and for that reason she was chosen by Romeo to become The Bearer’s master and teach her how to control Ergo’s powers. During that time, she was a strict tutor, but soon a familiar link was formed between the two.

However, for unknown reasons she vanished during more than one year just to reappear stealing the Byblos, something that none, even her own pupil, has been able to understand.

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