April Update


Hello everyone. As always, we are really busy working on Gate of Memories, but we hope that you like this month update.  As always, thanks a lot for your support.


Finally we want to show you the human avatar of Ergo Mundus, the second main character that you will be controlling during the game. This form is a fake body created by paper that The Bearer can manifest in battle. At its base, his gameplay is quite different from The Bearer, mainly focusing his attacks in heavy melee combinations and raw power, but of course, each player is able to personalize its skills to mach his or her own style.



Here we want to show you the core of Arcane, the main room which connects with all the memories of its inhabitants. We are really proud of its eerie ambience. What do you think?


Very often people ask us how we could make a game with the visual quality of Gate of Memories with a limited budget like we have. The secret is simple; with a lot of personal sacrifice and enthusiasm to do our best, reasons why we are in front of the monitor twelve hours every day of the week.

However, the truth is that it is not easy for us, and we always are considering lots of possibilities to make our project even better.

Therefore, we are planning right now to make a second Kickstarter campaign to increase our funds, which would allow us to introduce many gameplay elements that, until now, were impossible to us due to our economic constraints.

This time our foundation goal will be much lower, but it’s what we need to accomplish our new objectives. Moreover, since we also have real gameplay and screenshots to show to people (something we did not when we started our project), we hope that we will have a good reception from new possible backers.

But, above all, I want to ease all of you, who have supported us all this time and thanks to whom Gate of Memories is a reality. The game goes smoothly and there is no risk of it not being finished. The reason we intend to conduct a second Kickstarter is only to make Gate of Memories even better (and, there is no denying it, do for us a little less stressful its development).

Of course, the pledges will be the same, and the people who have pledged for the first campaign will receive any additional content that the second campaign could archive for Gate of Memories.



If you are a backer who has access to the Alpha version and you have not yet received a mail from us with instructions, please, contact us in anima@edgeent.com. If you have access to more than one Alpha, just tell us and we will provide you with extra ones for the friends that you choose.



If you have some time, try out check RED GODDESS, undoubtedly one of the most fun projects we have seen recently.


Cutscenes and Red Lady

Hello Everyone.

Sorry for our lack of update last month, but as always, we were really focused in the game. We are happy to announce that the game is going forward very well and it is in a very advanced development state, so I hope that from this moment onwards, we will be able to do more frequent updates.

Thanks a lot for your patience and support.


In first place, we want to present you a new character of Gate of Memories. The Red Lady, a high ranked member of The Order of Nathaniel who betrayed the organization for unknown reasons stealing an old artefact known as Byblos. She is based on Dinmoney design, the winner of our character design contest.


redlady1 redlady2 redlady3 redlady4


We want to present you the visual style that we are using for the game cutscenes, as well as the story which comes along with our choice.

As you all know, our budget is really limited and our team little (we are, after all, just three people directly involved in its daily development), so we could not go for full animations. For that reason, we needed to look for a way to tell the events of the cutscenes in the best possible way, but keeping the feeling that we were looking for in the first place.

After looking for a lot of possibilities, we found the answer in the nice mood that a lot of old games gave us years ago. They had very particular ways to narrate the story. We did a few tries, adapting them to our own style, and we found the result very nice.

In the next example scene, The Bearer has finally cornered Lady in Arcane base.

So, what do you think?


In a few weeks we are going to start sending an alpha version to all bakers who did an Apha/Beta Access pledge or above. All the people who meet this requirement will receive a mail before the end of the month with further instructions. Please, if you have changed your mail this year or you don’t receive any information from us on April, mail us at anima@edgeent.com.


And of course, we want to show you a few new screenshots of the game.

More coming soon!




Happy new year!

In the name of all Anima Project Studio team, we want to wish you a wonderful 2014. Thanks for supporting us all this time and help us in making possible that this will be the year of Gate of Memories.

Lately we were a little busy, but we will give you a small glimpse of the first gampleplay trailer that we are working in, as well as Ergo human form.

See you soon!

Development Update

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since the last time we did an update, but the previous month was a very busy time for us, working hard on the development of Gate of Memories. We are glad to say that currently the game is more or less 50% through its full development, and we are about to release its first gameplay trailer very soon. It is almost ready, but we want to be absolutely sure that you will love what you see.

The wallpapers are ready!

In a few days, we will send you the wallpapers to your email. If you have recently changed it, please, send us a mail to anima@edgeent.com with your previous mail, your backer name, and the new mail that we need to use now.

New Scenery 

In the next screenshots you can see a few of the new locations that you will visit through Arcane. They are part of the memories of the inhabitants of the tower, a fragment of their past lives which became the most important places for them. In them you can see a glimpse of The Forgotten Temple, The Endless Plains of The Wake, The Peak of The World and The Labyrinth, four of the places that you will need to surpass to reach the Messengers.

And as always…Thanks for you support. You made possible that, day by day, we get nearer to making Gate of Memories a reality.

screen40 screen39 screen38 screen37 screen36 screen35 screen34 screen33 screen32 screen31 screen30 screen29 screen28 screen27 screen26 screen25 screen24 screen23 screen22 screen21 screen20 screen19 screen18 screen17 screen16 screen15 screen14 screen13 screen12 screen11 screen10 screen9 screen8 screen7 screen6 screen5 screen4 screen3 screen2 screen1

Game Progress Update

¡Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in our current update, but the past month we were really busy with Gate of Memories, and we wanted to do a bigger one this time. The good part is that things are going quite well, and we are happy to have some new visuals to show you of the game progress.

Official Screenshots

These are the first official screenshots from Gate of Memories directly taken from in-game scenes. They are from the first half hour, before you reach the Arcane Tower. Very soon we will do a full gameplay trailer (we wanted to show you them for this update, but we want to be sure to show it in its full potential). We hope that you like them!

Screen_14 Screen_15 Screen_16 Screen_17 Screen_18 Screen_19 Screen_20 Screen_21 Screen_22 Screen_23 Screen_24 Screen_01 Screen_02 Screen_03 Screen_04 Screen_05 Screen_06 Screen_07 Screen_08 Screen_09 Screen_10 Screen_11 Screen_12 Screen_13

New Creatures

The Noth have arrived. Here you have a few screenshots of some of the most grotesque creatures that you will face in Arcane. They are extremely strange entities who consume the existence of everything that they touch. The three versions that we present here are called respectively Angel, Cherubim and Seraph.


creature2creature1bcreature1a creature3a creature3b

Here you can see some animations of the Noth Seraph. When we created this monster, we wanted to try to reflect in its movements its strange and monstrous nature, giving a sense of “uneasiness” the player to see it in action. The result was pretty close to what we wanted, so I can say we’re satisfied. What do you think?

Alpha Access

In the coming months we will begin the first gameplay tests, so we would ask that in the next 30 days all those backers who have access to the Alpha / Beta version send us a mail to anima@edgeent.com indicating us an e-mail you want us to use to contact you and a user-name that you will use as a login for future test. Thank you very much everyone for your support.

Voice Sample

Here you can see a voice-over video sample with Skyler Davenport work as The Bearer. We just love her voice, and we think that she is going to do a wonderful job.

Till our next update!


Memory Marionette Overview

The Memory Marionette are one of the most recurrent enemies of the game, as they are particularly numerous in Arcane. These entities are born from fragments of forgotten memories of the ancient inhabitants of the tower, “empty” pieces swarming everywhere trying to obtain a real identity absorbing memories of those who enter in Arcane.

These beings have many shapes and sizes, but generally their most common appearance are metal puppet knights. They carry many different weapons, or even possess powers far more esoteric, like magic or psychic skills.
But above all, their most striking feature is that when they go to a place influenced by the memories of a particularly powerful entity, they change acquiring new powers and abilities. In some cases, the Marionette may even become completely different creatures, “assimilating” memories as a part of his being.

As a designer, when creating a game I must admit that having an enemy like the Memory Marionette is a real advantage. For studios that are not too large and can not afford to make dozens and dozens of different monsters, a creature with these features provides the ability to, with a little of imagination, create countless different combat patterns and very different appearances thanks to the modularity of their bodies. Thus, the player will have fun facing dozens of different enemies, each with their own characteristics and peculiarities, although as a base, it’s just the same creature.

Here you can see the basic design of the Memory Marionette model and some of its animations. I sincerely hope you like it.


Voice Actor

We are delighted to announce that we have recently included Skyler Davenport into the team, for the voice of The Bearer and the narration of the game.

Unfortunately, due to the recent weather problems in USA we have not been able to show you to a preview of her work in Gate of Memories, but hope to do so soon (if nothing goes wrong, next week).


Wallpaper preview

Here’s a small preview of the wallpapers that all our backers will receive next month, made ​​by our artist Wen Yu Li. Hope you like them.

WallpaperV1 WallpaperV2

A little remind to our Backers about the photos

We want to do a call to all our backers whose pledges are Visit Gaia and Become part of Gaïa to remind that you need to send us info about how do you want us to draw you. A lot of people have already contacted us through anima@edgeent.com, but there are still some that has not done it yet.

Don’t forget to do it!

The Bearer redesign and test level

Well, after more than two months working intensively on the project, things finally has begun to give fruits.
All the base programming for the characters is finished and we are now implementing the first protagonist and some enemies. There is still a long road ahead, but the truth is that it is nice to control The Bearer and face some enemies.
Thank you all for your support and patience these first months. From now on, we’ll have some more time to go making updates more often.

Redesigning the Bearer of Woes

One of the details that we have been concerned about during the creation of The Bearer model was to try to give more “life” to the design when it is seen from behind. Visually, the design worked very well from a front and side angle however after seeing her in actual gameplay, we were not satisfied with her “back”. No matter the movement we gave her, it was not sufficiently “alive”, which was a serious problem for us.
To solve this, we started trying to change her back tatoos and the opening of her dress, but the result wasn’t satisfying enough. It was obvious; we needed to add an item that would give her a better “animation feeling”. Of course, it wasn’t easy, and we tried lots of possibilities, but in the end we decided to add belts and a case for her book, which gave her a better mobility. However, the upper body was still too “plain”, so to complete it, we finally added ornaments in the collar of her garment.
You like it? Hope your opinions.

Movement Test Level

Here you can see a test of movement and jumps of Gate of Memories using the redesigned Bearer of Woes. The animations are not yet completely finished, but for now the control is quite precise and intuitive.

Arcane Marionettes

We are delighted to finally show you the most common inhabitants of Arcane, the Marionettes of Memories. These creatures swarm the tower aimlessly, becoming recurrent fearsome enemies. However, their most dangerous ability is to merge with the memories of the real residents of Arcane, becoming creatures and monstrosities of their past life.

About the survey

Answering your questions about the add-ons survey, you have nothing to worry about not receiving them yet. They will be sent to all of you much later, just before sending you the game; that way, we will avoid confusions or last minute changes of address.

And remember that our campaign PayPal will open a month yet the next fortnight, and you are still on time of raising your pledge to help us to make Gate of Memories even a greater game.


Hello everyone!

Sorry for taking so long for doing this update but we are glad to tell that everything seems to be going pretty well in the development of Gate of Memories. The new computers are already here and the whole studio is working on the game at full speed…and we are really happy with the result so far!
Very soon we will show you the first official screens.