A few words

Hi everyone.

First of all, we want to apologize again for our delay. We know that it has taken us longer than we would like and that we’ve already passed the release date that we had announced, but even then, wholeheartedly we ask you a little more patience.

We know very well that in recent times a general concern about Kickstarter games has risen from some failed projects over the past months. First of all, I want to assure you that this is not the case. Gate of Memories development is going very well. If everything goes normally, at the end of next month we will go into beta and in the next two or three months after that, it will be finished.

We also want to assure you that the delay was due primarily trying to do things the best way possible. In this time, we have introduced new scenarios, enemies, techniques and story elements to make Gate of Memories a better gaming experience for all of you, one that we hope you really will enjoy. Believe me when I say that we are giving our best, so I hope that the wait will be worth of it.

And again, thank you all for your confidence. It is because of you that Gate of Memories is now a reality.

New Teaser


Of course, there is something that we want to show you. We have prepared a new Gameplay teaser to all of you showing new elements and foes, so you can see how everything is evolving. We hope that you will like.


Hello everyone

In first place, I want to apologize for our lack of update the past month. I guess the only justification I can give is that, being such small team and with an immense amount of things to do, sometimes you never find time to stop for a while. Whenever I say something like “at the end of this stage or when I finish this creature I will write an update to show how good it looks” I discover that when I have just ended what I was doing… three new things that require attention to advance the whole project have emerged.

Thus, the days turn into weeks and when you least expect it has been over a month and I haven’t written anything yet.

With every update I always say “this won’t happen again!” and then… here I am, writing this almost a month late.

I am really sorry.

But well… so many hours of dedication have their reward. Right now we are about to enter the final stage of the development of Gate of Memories, and we hope to reach beta phase in a couple of months. We still have plenty of work ahead, but we’re reaching the finals. The truth is that we are giving everything we can, so I hope that the wait will be worth of it.

At this point, is difficult to show new things without doing spoilers of the game, but we hope that you will enjoy the ones we have prepared for you.

Madrid Games Week

First of all, we wanted to mention that last month we were lucky to be invited by Microsoft to show the XBoxOne version of Gate of Memories in Madrid Games Week. It was an amazing experience. People who played it were very satisfied and the truth is that we received a very positive feedback. To all those of you who came to test it, thanks you for your visit.

Romeo Exxet

Second, we want to show the look of one of the most important characters in the game, Romeo Exxet, Lord High Inquisitor and one of the leaders of Nathaniel. The truth is that we were worried to know if we would be able to bring him well in the game, but in the end we are quite satisfied with the result. What do you think?

September Update

Hello Everyone. 

I hope that you all had a very nice summer.

Everything is going pretty well with Gate of Memories development, and we hope to have wonderful news for everyone very soon. Meanwhile, this update will show you some glimpses of how the game is evolving.

Cutscenes Style

Some people have asked us why we choose our current cutscenes style instead of going for a more traditional approach. Of course, we totally agree that full animated cutscenes would be nicer, but with our limited team, we prefer to focus all out resources in making the gameplay better and the world richer. After all, everything is a question of priorities. The thing is that, even with our obvious restrictions, we really like how everything is looking. It is a very nice way of telling the story and show how the characters interact which what is happening.

Here you can see a new cutscene sample.

Our twitter account

If you want to receive weekly news of the development, don’t forget to follow us at @animaps


Unity China Awards

Hello everyone!

We want to announce that we have won the Unity China Awards in the category of Best Indie Game. Not bad for just an Alpha release.

I have said this a lot before, but this was possible thanks to your help. You are the best.

Unity China

July Update 2

Here we want to show you a glimpse of Anima Gate of Memories music, composed by Damian Sanchez, from Sonotrigger, who will be on charge of the OST of the game. What do you think? I hope that you like it as much as we do.


July Update

Ergo Dark Form

Some people have asked us how is Ego original form from The Book Unleashed. Here you can see some of the diferent variations that we took into consideration to create him.
Ergo True Form

The Campaign is Over

Well… We are funded.

This means a lot for us. Because, thanks to you, we can do things with Gate of Memories that were impossible for us before.

Now, looking back at things, this campaign was again an incredible journey. As in the first one, there were wonderful times. But we are finally here; about to enter the last development stage of Gate of Memories.

You believed in a small development team like us, and I assure you that we are going to go on giving our best day by day, to make a game that all of you will enjoy.

So again, let me thank you for your support.

You are wonderful.

Combo System, Arcane Bridges and Second Skin Pack Sample

Combo System

Today we want to show you a small glimpse of the combo system of Gate of Memories. In the next samples, you can see some different combinations of both characters, and also combos changing from one to another in the middle of the attack.  

Second Gameplay Sample: Arcane Bridges.

We want to show you an advanced gameplay trailer too. In the next video you can see part of the Arcane Bridges area.

Skin Pack Second Sample: The White Lady.

Another glimpse of the different looks of The Bearer. This time, here is a sample of The White Lady, the official uniform of the members of Nathaniel. It will be included along other cool skins in the Skin Pack.

We hope that you really like it.


Creatures Samples Part 2

Today we want to show you a new glimpse of the strange creatures that you will find across Arcane. One of the most interesting elements of those “shadows of the tower” is that there are various different types of entities even in the same class. That means, for example, that not all Procasians are the same, and there are different variations in form, size, power and attack patterns. That way, every enemy has something special, which makes the gamepaly even more interesting.



Procasians have always been there, since the old times when the Great Beasts mingled their blood with mortals and created their own unique brood. That was the birth of titanic creatures whose strength and physical resistance made them on par with dragons and other incredible monstrosities.

In combat, a Procasian is something to fear, since their scale armors allow them to resist any kind of attack, even those of supernatural origin, and their power is huge. Also, the ones with purest blood have also other unique unpredictable skills, which make them even more dangerous.

Solomon Drones


Drones are the most basic creations from the Lost Logia technology of Solomon, the old civilization that ruled the world in the past. Made for war, even these lesser creations have a considerable power, and even one of them is able to destroy a whole human battalion if it has the support of a commander unit nearby.

Additional Game Mechanics and Skin Sample

Damage Type

All the damage in Gate of Memories is divided in two different types; Physical and Magical. All the attacks in the game always use one of those two attributes to calculate the damage that they cause. Of course, that means that certain enemies are more vulnerable to some type of damage, and especially resistant to others. In the same way, both Ergo and The Bearer, thought their own skills or assimilating armors, can raise their magic and physical resistance to reduce the damage that they take from such attacks.


In Gate of Memories the items and artifacts use an interesting mix of a traditional mechanics, commonly employed in classical RPGs, with other more innovative systems.

The items are primarily divided into artifacts of automatic use (that are consumed after their activation) and those which can be equipped. Those which are part of this second class can be either weapons (each of which has their own unique attributes), or mystical artifacts that the characters can use to obtain different bonuses and exclusive powers (modifiers to experience, special resistance against negative states…).

How do you get the items?

The items are obtained in very different ways. Some of them can be found scattered around the rooms of Arcane, others can be drops that certain enemies may leave behind when they are destroyed, and some can be obtained from inhabitants of Arcane exchanging them with others of the same existential value.

Absorption & Spiritual Assimilation

A very characteristic detail of Gate of Memories is that all items, both those with automatic use as well as the ones that can be equipped, are absorbed by the book in which Ergo is sealed. In doing so, they become “information” in its pages, a kind of soul form that the book can take advantage of using a process known as “spiritual assimilation.” Anything that Ergo absorbs becomes part of our repertoire of weapons and artifacts, raising the basic attributes of the characters.

Skins Pack

Today we want to show you a sample of one of the skins included in the Skin Pack Add-on. This is the Inquisitor gear of The Bearer, which will be included along other cool skins like The White Lady or The Hollow Bearer.


We hope that you really like it.